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Car radiator performance is the main factor affecting the cooling water temperature of automobile engines

Release time:2023-03-14

  The performance of automotive radiators is a major factor affecting the cooling water temperature of automotive engines. There are two main types of materials used in automotive radiators: aluminum and copper. The former is used for general passenger cars and the latter is used for large commercial vehicles. At present, the development direction of automotive technology is light, efficient, and economic. The automotive radiator materials and manufacturing processes are constantly adapting to new requirements. Under the premise of ensuring sufficient heat dissipation capacity and strength, the size, weight, and heat dissipation efficiency are reduced. Higher has become the trend of radiator development. This article studies and tests the problem of high water temperature of the 6DL engine, and compares and analyzes the wind tunnel test results of the copper and aluminum radiators to determine the technical improvement measures and solutions, which can solve the problem of high cooling water temperature of the 6DL engine. Significance.

  Investigation and analysis of the problem of high water temperature in the 6DL engine We learned from the follow-up investigations of the after-sales service department and users in Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi, etc. that the high horsepower temperature of the high-powered vehicles in the plant experienced high temperatures in summer. . Through investigation and analysis, find out the reason why the water temperature is high: Check whether the fins of the water tank heat dissipation core and the fins of the intercooler heat dissipation core are not properly ventilated by the fan due to clogging. After asking the customer to thoroughly clean the water tank from the inside out with a high-pressure water gun, it was reinstalled on the vehicle and the tracking test revealed that the water temperature was still relatively high. Excluding the fins of the radiator core and the fins of the intercooler heat sink core, the poor heat dissipation caused by the clogging of the ware. Check the problem The engine fan is not damaged, so it is also possible to rule out the poor fan blowing capacity due to engine fan breakage. ) Check the internal cause of the engine: After querying the technical personnel of the Xichai R&D department, when the engine water temperature is lower than 76°C, the engine is in a small circulation state. When the water temperature reaches 76°C, the thermostat will be automatically turned on and the water temperature reaches 86°C. The thermostat is fully open. A thorough inspection and commissioning of the engine of a vehicle with high water temperature revealed that the engine's large and small circulatory systems were working properly.

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